From suburbia and skyscraper scrawl to the open prairies and 'local color', slum life to rural idyll: reprinting American and British literary classics.

Retro Poets


Reprints of poetry published originally before the Second World War, usually C format paperbacks with card covers, £5 each
Noteworthy or interesting British and American collections, reprinted as first published, sometimes presented as first published. These collections can be seen in their own coherent context, an experience missed so often in anthologies or collected editions.

The following titles are to be published in January 2020 :-

RP01 Charlotte Mew The Farmer’s Bride
RP02 Edward Thomas Poems
RP03 Edward Thomas Last Poems
RP04 Robert Frost New Hampshire
RP05 Amy Lowell A Dome of Many-coloured Glass
RP06 Sara Teasdale Love Songs