From suburbia and skyscraper scrawl to the open prairies and 'local color', slum life to rural idyll: reprinting American and British literary classics.

Ilia Galán


“Do not be afraid, dear reader,”writes Galán in his afterword, “of this literary endeavour – if a reader is ever found. It can be portrayed as yet another prosaic parody of the experimental, designed to shock and gain notoriety for its author. However, this is not my purpose. My purpose is didactic: to offer a lesson in aesthetics and, more specifically, art theory.”

It is vital to read this essay before the novel, which is why it is produced at the back of the book with no mention of it in a contents list at the front.

B format paperback, 126pp
translated by Charles Olsen
ISBN 978 0 9930763 7 4



Ilia Galán was born in Spain in 1966. He is a Lecturer in Aesthetics and Theory of Art at Carlos III University at Madrid; he is currently an Academic Visitor in the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Oxford, and has been a Visiting Professor at Harvard, New York and the Sorbonne. He edits the magazine Conde de Arande. As well as poetry, he writes novels, essays and occasional journalism. His volume of poetry, In the Wilderness of Signs, is published also by the Albion Beatnik Press.